Breach of the Charter right to life and other claims against WRHA

This page is intended as public resource containing links to the main court documents in the Sinclair family’s lawsuit against the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and its staff for Brian Sinclair’s wrongful death and breach of his Charter rights and privacy rights.

Statement of Claim (as amended)

Statement of Defence of Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Statement of Defence of Brock Wright and Heidi Graham

Particulars in support of Plaintiffs’ claim

Manitoba Court of Appeal decision, 2015 MBCA 44 – confirming Sinclair family’s right to sue for Charter violations and breach of privacy, overturning lower court’s decisions
Factum of Plaintiffs, submitted to Court of Appeal
Factum of Defendants, submitted to Court of Appeal
Judgment of Master Berthaudin 2012 MBQB 88 (overturned on appeal)
Judgment of Justice Hanssen, 2013 MBQB 194 (overturned on appeal)